Teeth Whitening and Bleaching costs and the process used

Teeth whitening and bleaching has become a favoured process in celebrity and online TV presenters. The appeal for white teeth is becoming ever more apparent as the process used in teeth whitening has seen a sharp decline in cost the end user has to pay. In fact, with more and more people who are now opting for tooth whitening in 2014, the chances of making over-the-top sales online for these home kits have increased ten-fold for the last 5 years according to Mintel.

Of course, it is possible to reduce the cost of getting your teeth whitening by doing the whole process at home as large national supermarkets are now offering their own teeth whitening kits. However, the ingredients used in these kits are less concentrated due to health and safety concerns and the way that these kits are applied by an unqualified user. Therefore to see better results, dentists still continue to recommend the more expensive method of having a professional apply their appropriately concentrated formula.