What are the responsibilities of a general dentist?

By nature of the basic education and training withint he Dentistry industry and courses provided to become a general dentist, an authorized dentist can carry out many dental treatments on a person. These include;

Professional and assertive teeth cleansing
Restorative dental corrections and implementations (dental corrections, crowns, links)
Orthodontics practices (more commonly known to install braces)
Prosthodontic (dentures, overhead/connection)
Endodontic (root tube) therapy
Periodontal (gum) therapy

and more common surgery from which we understand and know – the (removal of teeth), along with performing exams, getting radiographs (xrays) and diagnosis.

Additionally, dentists may further engage in common surgery procedures for example dental implant placement or even teeth whitening, which seems to be a growing industry trend as more and more people search for whiter teeth and are willing to pay a high price tag for it. Dentists also can suggest medicines including antibiotics, fluorides, painkillers, local anesthetics and some other medicine that offer within the therapy of the various conditions that happen within the scalp and throat.