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Learn more about dental implants Leicestershire

Dental implants Leicestershire are metal tooth replacements which are fitted in place of the missing tooth. Leicestershire is a county found in the English Midlands which has got its name from Leicester City. These metal implants are a boon for people who have lost teeth due to old age, accident or due to some severe illness. It helps a person to attain the old look better without looking artificial. As the dental implant Leicestershire are made up of titanium metal, they last longer and are much stronger than the usual traditional methods like dentures and bridges. Moreover, they are ideal for a person who has lost one or two teeth, as they cannot use dentures.

Dental implants Leicestershire used to prescribe dentures to their patients as a replacement of the teeth. They used to take a cast of the gums making the dentures a perfect fit. But over a period, dentures become loose, and you have to take great care while eating, talking and most of all laughing. You must have seen such accidents of dentures falling out when a person laughs too hard. This can be embarrassing for the person with dentures. Dentures can cause some bone loss due to excessive use, which is the reason behind them getting loose.

So instead of having such a troublesome and problematic option you can have dental implants. These implants are placed in the gums through a dental surgery performed by an experienced dental surgeon from Leicestershire. The dental surgeon will examine your teeth and gums to see if there is any infection or decay, which will be treated first before doing the surgery. It is important to avoid any infection, which may occur due to decaying or disease. Then he will take an x-ray of your details to see the placement of the teeth and jaw, whether it is healthy enough to sustain the implants.

For you to make space for the screw of the implant, drilling will be done in the gum, into the jaw bone. In this space, the titanium implant will be placed tightly with the help of screws, over which the  colour-matched tooth or crown will be fixed. The healing period will take up to six months, which may be more in some people like heavy smokers or heavy alcohol drinkers. Smoking and alcohol intake may affect the healing process, so it is a must for you to avoid it for the time being. If you have teeth grinding problem, then get treatment of that first and then opt for the tooth implant.

You don’t have to keep on blaming yourself for the missing teeth. Dental implants Leicestershire will come in handy to make sure you bring back your beautiful smile and increased self-esteem. Contrary to those days when those services were not available in the UK and were only offered in India, a lot of clinics in the UK can now offer these service at a pocket-friendly cost. The dental implant physicians have adequate skills that will guarantee you the best services.

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