Some Natural Remedies for your Hair

Dry and damaged hair can be rectified over time if you are willing to treat it. There are many things you can do at home with the use of natural ingredients. Here are some of the top ways to look after your hair:

  • Make an avocado mask. Mix an avocado and an egg, apply to hair, leave to 20 minutes and then rinse in cold water.
  • Use olive oil. This will help to put the moisture back into your hair. Leave the oil on for around three quarters of an hour and cover your hair, then wash it out using your usual shampoo.
  • Apply coconut oil. This can be used as a deep treatment or as an everyday remedy. Massage the oil through the lengths and ends.
  • Use lemon juice and olive oil. This is perfect if you suffer from dandruff or a dry scalp. The lemon strips out flakes and the oil moisturises.

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