Look after your skin as you mature

As we age, our skin loses a lot of its elasticity and often becomes dry and flaky. We sometimes develop allergies to certain products where once we could use anything on our skin and blemishes seem to appear daily, but all is not lost as although we can never regain the youthful appearance we once had a lot can be done to help the appearance of our skin.

Moisturising the skin daily with a good quality moisture cream is one of the easiest ways to improve the texture and look of your skin. As our skin loses moisture naturally, we need to replace it with an alternative. There are many moisturisers on the market with a vast price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive, so it is probably best to go for a cheaper one to start with and if that does not seem to suit your skin type more up to something a bit more expensive.

The main damage that is done to our skin is by the sun so keeping out of the sun when it is at its strongest and wearing a factor twenty suncream on the face in the summer is good advice. Wearing a wide brimmed hat when on the beach is a great way to enjoy the sun without it affecting your skin.

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